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Hi - My name is Lloyd Marks

I'm a physician, engineer, inventor, MBA, medical technology consultant and entrepreneur with a startup company based on one of my inventions.


Since I was 3 years old and could reach my dad's developing trays, I've been a photographer. As you can see from my portfolio, I love photographing all types of subject matter. Also, I am a scuba diver and do a fair amount of underwater photography.

At this stage of my life when I have more control over my time, I am anxious to share my photographic images. I have a 24" printer and can produce images of that width and any length, unmounted. Also I can arrange for larger images to be made, or for images to be mounted, framed or printed on aluminum. Images printed on metal look extraordinary and my vacation home is decorated primarily with underwater shots printed on metal.

My primary goal is to share my work, so cost accommodations can be made. Just discuss it with me at 908-347-2662.

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