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Photos are sold unmounted so you can take them to a framing shop and choose the frame that you like. I can refer you to an excellent framing shop here in Westfield, NJ or, of course, you can choose your own.


The artwork costs $50 plus 10 cents per square inch, so an 11 x 14, for example, would be $65.


Most pictures are not a standard shape although I can crop a photo for you to fit a standard frame. That means that either some of the photo would be cropped out or, if you prefer, I can put a border on the picture so it can fit a standard frame. I'd need you to tell me what color border you'd like if you choose to go that way.


If you can't afford my price, call me to discuss. My primary goal is to get my work "out there!"

It is always best to discuss your purchase with me first by calling me at 908-347-2662 so that you get exactly what you want.

Shipping is in standard cardboard cylindrical tubes and is free.

Lloyd Marks

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